Ways to Make your Girlfriends Heart Melt

It has been a long standing fact that men and women simply communicate differently than each other. While a man may say nice things with his actions, such as cooking a meal or bringing his girlfriend flowers, a woman generally says nice things with her words. To speak to your girlfriend on her level of communication, it is important to use both your words and your actions to show your girlfriend how much you care. So I am writing this post today to help my guy friends who visit this site, so take notes fellas.


For your own benefit, here are a few nice things to say to your girlfriend:

You look beautiful today.
This shows her you are paying attention to the way she looks and noticing her beautiful qualities. Don’t just stop there, though. Tell her why she looks beautiful. Do her eyes glisten in the moonlight? Let her know this. Perhaps you are sitting there thinking, “Wow, my girlfriend is so beautiful. I’m such a lucky man.” But women are not mind readers, so they don’t know you are thinking this. Verbalize your thoughts and tell her she is beautiful today.

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Did you do your hair differently?
This ties in with paying attention to the way she looks, which is important to a lot of women. Make sure you take this question in the direction of how amazing her hair looks. Tell her it is looking shiny or bouncy, and you will make her feel beautiful and happy all day long.

The sound of your voice makes my whole day.
This lets her know that you are thinking about her and it makes her feel special. She will know you are not with her simply because of her amazing good looks, but because you genuinely enjoy her company and love to talk with her. Women are communicators, and it is important that she knows you aren’t bored with her talking and the fact that she is being told that her speaking to you makes your day will earn you a ton of brownie points with her.

I hate being away from you.
Make her heart melt with this one line wonder. It will let her know that you are thinking of her all day long, and missing her while she is away. Women love to know that you are pining after them, and knowing that you are simply heartbroken by her absence will woo her right into your arms.

You make me so happy.
This is another easy phrase that you may be thinking all the time, but may not be saying. Again, women are not mind readers. If she makes you happy, tell her. And don’t just leave it at that. Tell her exactly why she makes you happy. Does she have an infectious laugh? Let her know that. Does the sight of her walking up to your doorstep make your heart skip a beat? Tell her this, let her know why she makes you so happy.

I want to grow old with you.
Please only say this one if you actually mean it, and if your relationship is mutually serious. This is a huge thing to say to your girlfriend, as it shows that you envision a future with her and a lifetime of happiness. One of the nicest things you could possibly say to your girlfriend implies how you foresee a future together and that you don’t intend on finding another girlfriend anytime soon.

Try these nice phrases out and see how your girlfriend takes to them, it is likely she will just fall right into your arms. Remember the key concept here is that women are much more verbal than men are, and they need to hear how much you care. If you are thinking something sweet about your girlfriend, tell her. She will not only appreciate hearing these sweet nothings but it will also make her feel good all day long.

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