UPDATE: The Peruvian Brew Is Now Available In A Powder Form

In case you missed it, I wrote this about for men who are suffering from ED and recommended a product called Erect on Demand. This PDF is 200 pages jam packed with content that is super relevant and helpful for any man who is dealing with any form of ED. Regardless of whether it is occasional, or mild, or heck even full blown ED, the information in this product is helpful on its own right, but it also provides the recipe for the Peruvian Brew.

Of course, the product is amazing and it really does work, which is unique for products of this type. It has helped thousands of men around the world and I don’t see that slowing down.

But the one problem we had with this product was it can be hard to find all of the ingredients in the formula. Most can be bought online or at a health food store, it still can be a challenge to mix it up in the correct ratio and whatever.

the peruvian brew powderThat is why I am writing this. It is now available in straight from the manufacturer as a powder. This combined with a glass of water is all that is necessary to make the boner brew.

No more searching for all the of the herb extracts and fruits, now you can mix up the the brew from Peru just by adding a scoop of the Peruvian Brew and mixing it with cold water.

Within minutes you will be enjoying all of the benefits of increased blood flow and enhanced sensitivity where it counts.

Another great fact is it is shipped with the original Erect on Demand Ebook. So for the same offer, you not only get the PDF, you get a month’s supply of the actual ingredients ready to be used.

It literally is the best of both worlds for anyone who is interested in a natural, safe remedy to help reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction.

But don’t take my word for it, order your own supply and try it for yourself.

Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction? Check This Out

If you are like the millions of older men out there who are starting to suffer from embarrassing erectile dysfunction, there is a hope.

And I don’t mean complicated or expensive medical options. Those may be effective, but who wants to put that stuff in their body?

I prefer to pursue natural, even homeopathic remedies for almost all ailments. And that is what ED is, an ailment.

Luckily there is a solution called Erect on Demand, which comes as a PDF and shows guys how to create a recipe that is shown to eliminate the symptoms of ED.

This 200 page eBook is well written and is a comprehensive guide for any guy looking to conquer his erectile dysfunction, regardless of how severe.

It is a quick read and well worth the purchase. It has more actionable information than any other resource I have found.

Watch this Erect on Demand video, he does a great job explaining how the boner brew increases blood-flow and improves sensitivity in men.

I recommend you take a look at this site with a review of erect on demand. It will help you understand the science behind how the herb and fruit extracts help with ED.

The Erect on Demand PDF not only reveals the exact ingredients needed to make the brew from Peru, it also covers the main causes of ED and the best ways to address them.

It really helped break down the two main causes of ED, and the simplest most natural way to address both issues at the same time.

There is also some related content, which focuses on improving intimacy, and relationships. Of course, all guys should be interested in this, although the amount that isn’t is not surprising. So maybe this will accidentally expose them to some relationship tips.

Miracle Biotics For Digestive Health

Did you know that it is critical that our intestines have the correct ratio of good to bad bacteria to ensure that food is processed properly and our bodies are able to extract all of the nutrients in the food we eat?

Yes, it’s true. Healthy bacteria also known as healthy gut flora helps to boost healthy energy, restore the friendly bacteria and improve digestive and immune health.

There is a new supplement called UltraLite Nutrition Miracle Biotics which containts 10 Billion CFU of healthy bacteria that is delivered to the intestines in a proprietary capsule that can withstand the harmful acid in the stomach.

That is the problem with most probiotics, the actual payload of healthy bacteria gets destroyed by the harmful acid and digestive fluids in the stomach.

Why do people need friendly digestive bacteria to be healthy? Read this post about Digestive Enzymes And Their Importance.

Watch the miracle biotics review here.

Watch that video to find out all about Miracle Biotics to see if it is a good fit for you.

I have been enjoying it for a few months now and notice an improvement in my energy, my hair looks great and my skin looks and feels refreshed.

The manufacturer calls the product Advanced Immunity Protection and I have to agree. I feel fantastic and am glad that I decided to restore my healthy digestive bacteria in my intestines.

The PE Bible, Men Love This

So I normally wouldn’t blog about this type of issue, but my favorite guy friend told me about this product and was raving about how great it worked. It actually helped him grow his penis by about 2 inches. I didn’t believe him, but he was with his girlfriend at the time and she apparently confirmed it is true. So for any guy who isn’t satisfied with the size of his member, this might be a way to become more satisfied. I don’t think this is for everyone, but for some guys it might make sense.

The program I am alluding to is called The Penis Enlargement Bible and is available online via an instantly downloadable PDF.  More about the PE Bible here: http://getpebible.com/

While it definitely sounds like a hoax, the simple reality is it works!  It combines a change in diet to improve healthy blood flow, and it uses some simple stretching exercises that are designed to help the body increase the size of the chambers that fill with blood during a normal erection.

This video is from a guy who hasn’t actually used it, but is familiar with how the product works:

Here is the full PE Bible review video.

Again, this is not for everyone one but if you are looking to increase the size of your penis, this product may be perfect for you and as I said my friend gives it his recommendation.

Spartagen XT To Increase Testosterone In Men

There are numerous ideas and ways to increase your testosterone. There are prescribed drugs that are available and there are natural methods that can be used. If you are an individual who is experiencing symptoms that include a decreased sex drive, depression, and even concentration issues, you can ask your physician to test your level of testosterone.

There are many ways that will assist in increasing your levels if they are low.

The Following Are Some Of The Options To Increasing Testosterone.

Lose weight; if you have a weight issue, the loss of the extra weight may raise your testosterone levels.

Increase your exercise; a boost in testosterone levels often come with exercise. some intermittent fasting may also prove beneficial.

Take a supplement; supplement your diet with proven, 100% natural vitamins and herbs that are proven to increase free testosterone. The leading supplement to increase testosterone in men is Spartagen XT.

For more on Spartagen XT watch this video:

sunshine-300x126Get more Vitamin D; exposure to more sun may assist in optimizing your overall vitamin D level. A vitamin D supplement is another option. The vitamin D has the ability to increase testosterone.

Add zinc to your diet; zinc plays a vital role for testosterone production. The absence of zinc in your diet may decrease your levels of testosterone.

Add strength training to your routine; strength training has been known to boost levels. This may be considered to be a high-intensity exercise if you maintain a slower pace of movement.

Include less sugar in your diet; your testosterone levels may actually decrease right after the consumption of sugar.

Reduce your stress level; if you are under much stress, you should know that cortisol is a hormone that can actually block the effects that testosterone provides. The stress causes your body to release higher levels of that hormone. Much stress and the higher levels of cortisol may result in your testosterone is being blocked.

Final Thoughts

Talk to your doctor and get prescribed a prescription drug; these may come in either pumps, injections or packets.

These are some good ways to increase your testosterone level. If you are interested in increasing your testosterone, you will be glad to know that you have many options available.

Ways to Make your Girlfriends Heart Melt

It has been a long standing fact that men and women simply communicate differently than each other. While a man may say nice things with his actions, such as cooking a meal or bringing his girlfriend flowers, a woman generally says nice things with her words. To speak to your girlfriend on her level of communication, it is important to use both your words and your actions to show your girlfriend how much you care. So I am writing this post today to help my guy friends who visit this site, so take notes fellas.


For your own benefit, here are a few nice things to say to your girlfriend:

You look beautiful today.
This shows her you are paying attention to the way she looks and noticing her beautiful qualities. Don’t just stop there, though. Tell her why she looks beautiful. Do her eyes glisten in the moonlight? Let her know this. Perhaps you are sitting there thinking, “Wow, my girlfriend is so beautiful. I’m such a lucky man.” But women are not mind readers, so they don’t know you are thinking this. Verbalize your thoughts and tell her she is beautiful today.

Girlfriend Activation System:


Did you do your hair differently?
This ties in with paying attention to the way she looks, which is important to a lot of women. Make sure you take this question in the direction of how amazing her hair looks. Tell her it is looking shiny or bouncy, and you will make her feel beautiful and happy all day long.

The sound of your voice makes my whole day.
This lets her know that you are thinking about her and it makes her feel special. She will know you are not with her simply because of her amazing good looks, but because you genuinely enjoy her company and love to talk with her. Women are communicators, and it is important that she knows you aren’t bored with her talking and the fact that she is being told that her speaking to you makes your day will earn you a ton of brownie points with her.

I hate being away from you.
Make her heart melt with this one line wonder. It will let her know that you are thinking of her all day long, and missing her while she is away. Women love to know that you are pining after them, and knowing that you are simply heartbroken by her absence will woo her right into your arms.

You make me so happy.
This is another easy phrase that you may be thinking all the time, but may not be saying. Again, women are not mind readers. If she makes you happy, tell her. And don’t just leave it at that. Tell her exactly why she makes you happy. Does she have an infectious laugh? Let her know that. Does the sight of her walking up to your doorstep make your heart skip a beat? Tell her this, let her know why she makes you so happy.

I want to grow old with you.
Please only say this one if you actually mean it, and if your relationship is mutually serious. This is a huge thing to say to your girlfriend, as it shows that you envision a future with her and a lifetime of happiness. One of the nicest things you could possibly say to your girlfriend implies how you foresee a future together and that you don’t intend on finding another girlfriend anytime soon.

Try these nice phrases out and see how your girlfriend takes to them, it is likely she will just fall right into your arms. Remember the key concept here is that women are much more verbal than men are, and they need to hear how much you care. If you are thinking something sweet about your girlfriend, tell her. She will not only appreciate hearing these sweet nothings but it will also make her feel good all day long.

If this has your interest, you may also benefit from The Girlfriend Activation System. Read more about it at trinimedia.com girlfriend activation system

Ways To Save A Marriage

The often-cited statistic is that half of all marriages end in divorce. But ending a marriage is not something most do lightly or remember fondly; as many as half of all divorced people wish that they had tried harder to save the union. If you are one the many people wondering how to save your marriage, let us walk through some points to think about.

Relationships Can Be Rebuilt

The late French actress Simone Signoret has been credited as saying, “Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years.” Like the threads in a cloth, the stitches of a marriage can wear over time. And similarly, they can be reinforced, built up, even after some erosion has started. Marriage counseling is, of course, a great place to start – even before your marriage starts to show signs of wear. With or without a relationship counselor, here are some places to start.

• Follow Ghandi’s lead by being the change you want to see in your marriage. One of the most often-cited reasons for divorce is a lack of commitment. But one way to feel committed to someone is make them a priority. Parents do this with their children – by doting on our kids, we create an allegiance to them. Making the effort to put your spouse first and serve them in some way can both re-awaken a love in your heart and inspire reciprocity from your other half.

• Be realistic. Another reason couples split is that they imagined a utopia marriage. There is no perfect marriage and there are no perfect people; marriage is always the union of two flawed people. Accept your spouse for who he or she is and avoid comparing to any fairy tale. Remember, comparison steals joy.

• Allow both of you to grow – ultimately together. It is a mistake to imagine that the person standing before you at the alter is the person you are marrying. Rather, you are marrying the person he or she will become. If you both understand this, you are in a better position to try to grow together instead of into two separate, autonomous beings.

• Be faithful – and consider counseling to work through cheating – Another destroyer of marriages is cheating. Infidelity breeds despair on everyone involved – from the hurt, embarrassment, and sense of betrayal often felt by the innocent spouse to the sense of guilt and shame that can oppress the cheating spouse. But where there is still a foundation worth rebuilding, many couples come out stronger and happier after an affair through lots of emotional counseling.

How To Avoid Divorce

Of course, once you are married, it is a little too late to undo some of the factors that increase a person’s chances of getting divorced. But research into the circumstances that can contribute to divorce can give some insight into how to avoid a severed relationship. Some identified contributors include:

• Being a child of divorce – Having divorced parents will double your chances of divorce, and marrying someone who is also from a broken marriage will triple your chances.

• Young age at marriage – Getting hitched in your teens is a lot riskier than waiting to your 20’s.

• Low income – A divorce can be financially devastating but the ironic fact is that money troubles are a common stress that lead to the breakdown of a marriage.

• Lack of higher education – Couples who have at least some college education are more likely to stick together.

• Living together before marriage – Studies have shown that people who co-habitate before marrying have more lax opinions on divorce and often develop communication skills that are damaging to a long-term relationship.

• Not identifying with a religion – Individuals who identify with a religion are less likely to divorce than those who do not. Couples who share a religious affiliation reap the most benefits.

• Unhealthy personality traits – People who find their self-worth in relationships are statistically more likely to grow unhappy in their marriages over time.

relationship advice

Overall, individuals who enter a marriage before maturing as an adult, without a financial cushion, and without having an ingrained sense that marriage is a life-long commitment, are less likely to work out their differences. If you fall into one or more of these risk categories, take stock and examine how they may be affecting your relationship.

Overall, married people are happier and healthier than their single counterparts. A successful marriage takes work but it is work with great rewards.